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The Washington County Behavioral Health Board, Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and Washington County DJFS/Children Services pool funds to support out-of-home placement costs for multi-need youth, as well as contribute to administrative funds of Council.  The Council office administers and oversees the pooled funds through the efforts of the Pooled Funds Group and Community Options Team who oversees processes and approves funding.

Why out of home placements?


There are times in the lives of youth and families when all attempts to support and wrap a family in services are not enough. A youth may need additional or more intense services found in a placement setting such as a residential treatment facility for intense mental health needs; or a treatment facility for substance abuse; or the need for an out-of-home repsite placement to provide a break for families.  The goal with any placement is to support the youth and their family with the intentions of the youth returning home after a period of treatment.  Each case is assessed for appropriate placement by a Family Team, with on-going review and contact with the youth in placement and the facility.


Types of Placements:

  • Respite

  • Therapuetic Foster Homes

  • Group Homes

  • Residential Facility

  • Hospitilization

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