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Social Service systems can be complex and difficult to navigate, causing people to feel rejected or frustrated in their efforts to obtain help. 

That’s why the No Wrong Door philosophy ensures that when people need help, they’re connected with the desired services, regardless of which agency they call.

No Wrong Door agencies receive education on resources available and customer service training so that staff and clients have comprehensive, streamlined information about the available supports and services.


  • Better service for families.

  • Less burnout for your team and partners.

  • Communicating your value.



  • Improves staff & client satisfaction

  • Improves the service delivery system to give people access to services they need

  • Reduces stressors for clients in need

The No Wrong Door Project was implemented by Washington County Family and Children First in 2023 as a result of a strategic planning session, and laid the foundation for Council's Shared Plan.  A volunteer Coordinator was identified, and oversees the Project.  Participating agencies identified Navigators and Cross-Systems Training Committee members, who meet monthly to develop processes and agency trainings. 

Community Networking & Training

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In order to ensure consistent, high-quality implementation of the NO Wrong Door initiative, agencies who agree to participate are asked to; commit to accepting and embracing the No Wrong Door philosophy; Identity a Navigator who will act as the lead point of contact within their agency and for other agencies;  Identify a Cross-Systems Training Committee member who will strategize, aid, and support developing and implementing proper cross-systems training events; and commit Gateway Staff to training sessions. If your agency would like to become a partner contact us or fill out the No Wrong Door Pledge

Online Workshop

Workshop Series

Lunch and Learn meetings are to provide agency/entity staff with a virtual meeting overview of services provided by specific agencies in Washington County.  Meetings will be held virtually on the 1st Thursday of the month from 12:00-12:45 with a different presenter each month.  Meetings will also be recorded and archived here on our website.  Join us in sharing and learning about services in our county!

Meeting Registrations

Meeting Recordings

Audiovisual Conference

Training Series

Social Services Training Series are in-person trainings and provide new employees and Navigators knowledge of the different services in Washington County and what to offer families. The trainings are targeted to agency staff  and Navigators. They will learn about agency services, how to contact agencies, and start the referral process.  The trainings are expected to be held quarterly. 

May 14th

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Hopewell PP

First Responder Mental Health 

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