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February 5, 2024

To register for the next Incredible Years Program class click the arrow below and fill out the online form and our Coordinator will contact you for details. 

Washington County Family & Children First is excited to offer this highly acclaimed, evidence-based program FREE to parents in our community! The Incredible Years Preschool Basic (IYP) parenting program is designed for for parents with children ages 3-6 years.  IYP strengthens

parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and

fostering parents' ability to promote children's social, emotional, and

language development. Parents also learn how to build school readiness

skills and are encouraged to partner with teachers and day care

professionals so they can promote children's emotional regulation

and social skills. In the parenting groups, trained Incredible Years®

facilitators use video clips of real-life situational vignettes to support

the training and trigger parenting group discussions, problem solving,

and practice exercises.


Program Topics:


  • Program 1 – Strengthening Children's Social Skills, Emotional Regulation and School Readiness Skills

  • Program 2 – Using Praise and Incentives to Encourage Cooperative Behavior

  • Program 3 – Positive Discipline – Rules, Routines and Effective Limit Setting

  • Program 4 – Positive Discipline – Handling Misbehavior


Program Goals:


  • Improve parent-child interactions, building positive relationships and attachment

  • Improved parental functioning, less harsh and more nurturing parenting, and increased parental social support and problem solving

  • Prevention, reduction and treatment of early onset conduct behaviors and emotional problems

  • Promotion of child social competence, emotional regulation, positive attributions, academic readiness and problem solving


The Incredible Years® are evidence-based, proven effective programs.


Incredible Years® programs have been applied in more than twenty countries.


Incredible Years Preschool Basic Program is a 14-week program

for parents of children ages 3-6 years. 

The program is offered once a week for two-hours and provided by trained  facilitators.

register today

To register for the next Incredible Years Program class fill out the online form and our Coordinator will contact you for details. 

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