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Adopting a trauma-informed care model requires a fundamental cultural shift within organizations to promote a greater sense of safety, security and equity. Ohio is promoting six Guiding Principles of Trauma-Informed Care from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 

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What is Trauma

Trauma is a very difficult experience that results in emotional, mental, and/or physical problems that usually last for a long time.  Trauma is a unique and personal experience, which means people may experience the same event and react or respond to it differently.

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Common Causes of Trauma

  • Abuse and neglect

  • Cultural trauma

  • War and Violence

  • Accidents

  • Bullying

  • Natural disasters

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Six Principles of 

Trauma Informed Care

1. Safety

2. Trustworthiness and transparency

3. Peer support and mutual self-help

4. Collaboration and mutuality

5. Empowerment, voice and choice

6. Cultural, historical and gender issues

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Washington County offers various supports related to Trauma-Informed Care including:

  • Train-the-Trainers

  • Agency Training

  • Trauma-Informed Schools Training

  • Community Training

  • Community Trauma Presentations

  • Handle with Care Program

To learn more and assist in our goal of becoming a Trauma-Informed Community, Contact us today

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