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Is a resource to help with the toughest cases—those children or teens who are involved in multiple public systems, whose families have tried many options and are still struggling.

What is Service Coordination?


Service Coordination offers families of children with multiple needs the opportunity to bring providers together at the same table in a coordinated manner to support and wrap services around the family, enabling youth to thrive in their home and school environment.  


What is the purpose of Service Coordination?


To prevent children or teens who are involved in multiple public systems, and their families, from falling through the cracks due to intake, eligibility, or funding barriers.


How Service Coordination Works


In Washington County, Service Coordination is a family-driven process designed to bring services and supports to children and families in a  manner that includes family participation at every level.  Washington County Family and Children First implements the evidence-based National Wraparound Model provided by a trained Wraparound facilitator.


Do you know a young person who receives help from multiple public systems, and:


has been expelled from school or is suspended often;

or has had various mental health or substance abuse treatments providers?

or has behaviors that continue to escalate?

or is experiencing repeated hospitalizations?

or needs help planning for his or her transition to adulthood?

or has a developmental delay or suspected delay?

High-Fidelity Wraparound


Wraparound is a youth/family-led process that gathers all the people who work with you from different agencies like your child's school, social services, juvenile justice, mental and physical health, developmental disabilities, coaches, mentors, children's services along with you, your family and close friends or extended family members. Together—as a team—you make a plan to prioritize identified needs and help your family find stability.



Do you need advice or new ideas for helping a child with these types of challenges?

For more information about Service Coordination or Wraparound

contact the Service Coordinator/Wrapround Facilitator

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